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Classes at Lively Hive

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Mom's Circle

A meet-up for mamas and mamas-to-bee. The goal for this group is to build a community of support, connection, and celebration through the journey of motherhood. We will create space to see and be seen during the ups and down of pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Each meeting will support each individual in deepening their relationship with motherhood and getting to know their baby, their body, and what motherhood means in a safe, open, and relaxed space.

Our group leader, Katie, has over a decade of experience designing community-building experiences for kids and adults alike. As a facilitator and first time mom-to-be, she is excited to help hold space for connection, celebration, and support with other moms in the Carlisle community!

2nd & 4th Monday 7:00-8:00pm

"Play Class at [Lively Hive] is a fun, no pressure way for kids (and parents) to socialize and experience new ways of playing that they might not have at home. They do a great job of switching it up so it isn't the same each time, and it's always super clean!"

Erin T.

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